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Beware of scammers!


Dear site visitors and contractors of Zarubezhneft JSC! Exercise caution!

Dear site visitors and counter-agents of Zarubezhneft JSC! Take caution!

  • The vacancies of Zarubezhneft JSC and its subsidiaries are published only on the official web-sites of Zarubezhneft JSC and its subsidiaries as well as on the dedicated web-site HeadHunter.ru.
  • Zarubezhneft JSC and its subsidiaries never require any payment for the employment services.
  • Zarubezhneft JSC and its subsidiaries hold in-person interviews with the official company representative before sending any official job offers by e-mail.
  • All correspondence on behalf of Zarubezhneft JSC and its subsidiaries is made through the official company’s servers and never using free post mail servers.


of possible fraud using the trademark of Zarubezhneft company

According to Rosfinmonitoring, there were frauds and attempted frauds regarding foreign companies by means of providing them commercial offers and false bank details for the payment of goods and services as if on behalf of major Russian companies through electronic communication transmission channels. In reality these proposals are send by natural persons having opened current accounts in the Russian banks for the names being up to 100% the same as the names of the well-known entities when written in English. In consideration of the mentioned facts, we would like to highlight that the valid bank details of Zarubezhneft JSC are published on the Company’s official web-site in the «Contacts» section.We have identified cases of distribution of commercial proposals made on the printed sheets made using the protected trademark of Zarubezhneft JSC and separate details of our company which were sent from the name of OAO NPK ZARUBEZHNEFT and TRIZ-NEFT LLC. In this connection we formally represent that Zarubezhneft JSC is in no way related to the persons acting on behalf of OAO NPK ZARUBEZHNEFT and TRIZ-NEFT LLC. All content with use of details and the trademark of Zarubezhneft JSC published in the Internet from the names of OAO NPK ZARUBEZHNEFT and TRIZ-NEFT LLC is used by unidentified persons for the purpose of fraud. Zarubezhneft JSC bears no liability regarding the obligations of OAO NPK ZARUBEZHNEFT and TRIZ-NEFT LLC.

If you have received any fraudulent work proposal or you have any concerns regarding the lawfulness of commercial proposals, please inform us via the security hotline of Zarubezhneft JSC by phone +7(495) 748-20-84 or by e-mail to: security_hotline@nestro.ru.

Stay vigilant, do not respond to doubtful proposals!

IMPORTANT! Russian subsidiaries of Zarubezhneft Group of Companies do not sell oil and petroleum projects on their own and do not send any commercial proposals of that. Any proposals regarding oil and petroleum products deliveries from the names of the companies comprising Zarubezhneft Group of Companies and registered in Russia are legally null and void. For any questions regarding purchase of oil one should write to the official address of Zarubezhneft JSC or to the e-mail address nestro@nestro.ru