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Organizational development

The main objective of the organizational development of Zarubezhneft is the formation of an adaptive business system that allows to increase the speed of decision-making and the implementation of changes, as well as to apply uniform management standards throughout the Group of Companies to achieve strategic goals.

Since 2014, Zarubezhneft has been gradually developing its performance management system, which has integrated a full set of continuous improvement tools for the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle.

Key elements:

  • Business processes system

The foundation for building a management system, including performance analysis and identifying potential for optimization in the Zarubezhneft Group of Companies. On its basis, an organizational structure and a system of regulation are formed, responsibilities and powers are distributed, improvements are implemented.

  • Change management system

A key tool that allows you to effectively carry out complex organizational and managerial transformations, implement best practices and changes in processes, taking into account addressing the company’s strategic focuses. In 2021, based on the challenges of the updated Development Strategy, Zarubezhneft developed and implemented 11 strategic comprehensive change programs.

Today, Zarubezhneft continues to develop the organizational model, supplementing them with new elements, taking into account benchmarking best practices, corporate Strategy focuses and environmental challenges.