Human resources are one of the most valuable assets of the Group and a keystone of the successful work of Zarubezhneft.

In its activities, Zarubezhneft relies on the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm of its personnel in all the activity spheres, both in Russia and abroad.

Values of the Company

• Professionalism – a profound knowledge of its specialty, responsible and fair attitude to its obligations, timely fulfillment of the tasks set and constant perfection of the professional level;
• Initiative – activity and self-dependence of the personnel in optimization of the production process;
• Succession – careful attitude to the Company’s traditions, respect to the efforts and experience of older generations, occupational training and mentorship.

Personnel number and structure

The age structure traditionally is formed so that the 2/3 of the personnel relate to the from-30-to-50-years age category to ensure the best proportion of actual capacities and work experience. The specific average weight in the headcount belongs to the youth – 13%.
The average age of the personnel of the Group of Companies in 2017 was 42 years.

Social security programs

Efficient social security programs help to attract highly qualified specialists to the company, reduces personnel turnover, strengthens the corporate spirit and is a basis for a successful industrial activity.

Therefore, in addition to the material and moral encouragements, our company is implementing a wide complex of measures comprising the social package. These include:

  • maintenance of the corporate sports and fitness complex for the purpose of ensuring conditions for the personnel’s healthy life style;
  • health protection, including voluntary medical insurance for workers and their family members and non-working retirees;
  • material support of the veterans and non-working retirees;
  • welfare of personnel;
  • one-time bonus associated with the presentation of the governmental, industrial awards and a bonus on the occasion of the celebration of the Oil & Gas Workers Day.

To encourage workers and work teams to continue making significant contribution to the company’s development, achieving high production, financial and economic performance, and to improve the corporate structure in the company, the following awards and ranks have been established: “Honorary worker of Zarubezhneft JSC, “Veteran of Zarubezhneft JSC, Diploma of Zarubezhneft JSC, and Appreciation from Zarubezhneft JSC.

Personnel Selection and Rotation

Personnel selection is of the highest primary importance from the company production process organization point of view. When hiring new personnel the company uses transparent selection criteria. A competitive selection system is based on the single principles of candidate evaluation by professional and managerial skills and general development potential.

Personnel training and education

In conditions of quick development of scientific and technical progress, the important factor for company success is high qualification of its personnel. The Company constantly conducts work to perfect systems for personnel training, retraining and skills development.
The educational facilities selection order has been optimized by conducting tenders to lower the absolute indexes of costs and decrease the amount of contractors engaged in the training process.
Within the frames of the training program, agreements of cooperation with the leading higher educational institutions of Russia have been signed.