of possible fraud using the brand of Zarubezhneft company

Dear site visitors and counter-agents of Zarubezhneft JSC! Take caution!

  • The vacancies of Zarubezhneft JSC and its subsidiaries are posted only on the official web-sites of Zarubezhneft JSC and its subsidiaries as well as on the dedicated web-site HeadHunter.ru.
  • Zarubezhneft JSC and its subsidiaries never request any payment for the employment services.
  • Before proceeding with sending an official job proposal by e-mail, Zarubezhneft JSC and its subsidiaries carry out interviews in person with the company’s representative.
  • All correspondence in the name of Zarubezhneft JSC and its subsidiaries is carried out through the official company’s servers and free mail servers are never used.

Lately the cases of the distribution of commercial offers made on the letterheads with a protected trademark of Zarubezhneft JSC and individual details of our company from the name of OAO NPK Zarubezhneft have been occurring more often. Due to this we represent that Zarubezhneft JSC in not in any way associated with the persons acting on behalf of OAO NPK Zarubezhneft and using the web-site www.npkzarubezhneft.ru. All content with the details and the trademark of Zarubezhneft JSC published in the internet in the name of OAO NPK Zarubezhneft is used by unidentified persons for the purpose of fraud. Zarubezhneft JSC bears no liability for the obligations of OAO NPK Zarubezhneft.

We also inform you that the cases of fraud were identified from the part of so-called Zarubezhneft UK (Great Britain) company which took benefit from illegal use of Zarubezhneft JSC brand to propose employment. We inform you that Zarubezhneft UK does not relate to the activities of Zarubezhneft JSC in any manner. Should you receive any requests from Zarubezhneft UK, we strongly recommend to ignore any commercial proposals and not to enter into any contractual relations with the abovementioned company.

Apart from this, the cases of fraud were identified from the part of TRIZ-NEFT LLC company which illegally uses details of Zarubezhneft JSC and data of its subsidiary on the web-site https://trizneft.ru/. This company does not relate to the activities of Zarubezhneft JSC in any manner.

According to the information from Rosinfomonitoring, there are cases of fraud or fraud attempts against foreign companies by using electronic communication means to submit the latter the commercial proposals and false payments details for the payment of goods and services allegedly in the names of major Russian companies. In fact such proposals are sent by individuals who have opened accounts in Russian banks with their names up to 100% similar with the names of the well-known entities when written in English. Due to the indicated facts we would like to highlight that the valid bank details of Zarubezhneft JSC are published on the Company’s official web-site in the “Contacts” section.

If you have received a fraudulent job proposal or you have any suspicions regarding illegal arrangements, please inform us via the security hotline of Zarubezhneft JSC by telephone: +7(495) 748-20-84 or by e-mail: security_hotline@nestro.ru.

The Russian subsidiaries of Zarubezhneft Group of Companies do not sell oil and oil products on their own and do not send any commercial proposals regarding this subject. Any proposals regarding oil and oil products deliveries made on behalf of the companies included in the Zarubezhneft Group of Companies registered in Russia are legally null and void. With all questions regarding the purchase of oil you should contact the official address of Zarubezhneft JSC or its e-mail nestro@nestro.ru.

Stay alert and do not consent to dubious proposals!