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On July 18, 1979, the Minister of Gas Industry of the USSR Sabit Orudzhev signed Order No. 91, according to which the Arktimorneftegazrazvedka trust (AMNGR) was established to study the oil and gas content of the Arctic seas shelf, to carry out search, exploration and development of oil and gas fields.

Today, AMNGR provides services for the construction of exploratory and production oil and gas wells on the sea shelf of Russia and Vietnam using its own drilling fleet, and participates in the implementation of foreign projects.

The main result of the enterprise’s work over more than forty years of its activity is the discovery on the shelf of the Barents and Kara Seas of a new large raw material base, commensurate in its potential with the adjacent areas of Western Siberia and the European North. As a result of the drilling work, 15 new oil, gas, gas condensate and gas fields were discovered with hydrocarbon reserves registered by the state in the amount of 6.8 billion toe. Among them is the Shtokman gas condensate field.

In 1987, for the first time in the conditions of the Arctic shelf of our country, the enterprise began commercial oil production on Kolguev Island.

The AMNGR’s fleet comprises:

  • Nevskaya jack-up rig (capable of drilling wells up to 9,144 m deep with a maximum water depth of up to 120 m);
  • Murmanskaya jack-up rig (designed for drilling wells up to 6,000 m deep with a maximum depth of up to 100 m);

A School of Vocational and Technical Education (SVET) has been established within the framework of the AMNGR to train specialists involved in the exploration and development of offshore oil and gas fields on the Arctic shelf and onshore fields of the country. Currently, the VET School provides a wide range of additional education services.

The VET School has trained more than 45,000 graduates in 53 professions, including production and exploratory drilling drillers for oil and gas, drilling rig servicemen, oil and gas production operators, machinists, electricians, boiler room operators, divers, crane operators, slingers, etc. The company plans to expand the geography of its activities, increase the number and technical equipment of the drilling fleet, strengthen and develop its competencies in the field of offshore well drilling.