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Zarubezhneftestroymontazh (ZNSM) provides a full range of services in the area of construction of facilities for the production, processing, transportation of oil, gas and their products in Russia and abroad.

The company is a member of a consortium and implements joint projects with the Institute for Design and Research in the Oil Industry Giprovostokneft.

In 2006-2009 ZNSM provided engineering services in the construction of facilities for the development and production of hydrocarbons in the fields of Uzbekistan.

In 2008-2014 The company completed a full range of works on restoration and overhaul with the commissioning of an oil refining line at the Brod refinery and a lubricating oil blending complex at the Modriča motor oil plant in the Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Since 2009, 7 fields have been developed for JC RUSVIETPETRO and 2 more fields are being developed in the NAA.

In 2016-2017 For ZARUBEZHNEFT-dobycha Samara, a preliminary water discharge unit was put into operation, work continues on the construction of infrastructure facilities and the development of the Pashkinskoye field in the Orenburg Region.

Since 2017, ZNSM has been working on the development of the Kharyaginskoye field in the NAA for ZARUBEZHNEFT-dobycha Kharyaga.

The company also implements EPC and EPCm projects from initiation to commissioning. Thus, since 2014, ZNSM has been implementing a full-cycle project at the Boca de Jaruco field (Cuba), taking into account non-standard supply chains, climate features and the uncertainty of building standards. Since 2019, a large-scale project for the development of the Lutseyakhskoye field in the YaNAA has been implemented.