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RMNTK Nefteotdacha

Scientific and technological company «Russian intersectoral scientific and technical complex «Nefteotdacha» actively develops the oilfield service activity both in Russia and abroad.

At the fields of JC Rusvietpetro and ZARUBEZHNEFT-dobycha Kharyaga in the NAA RMNTK performs routine and major workover of wells, geological and technological studies, reservoir testing, and provides an integrated service for drilling wells.

At the Cuban Boca de Jaruco field, it conducts pilot work on the introduction of steam-thermal methods for increasing oil recovery, and supervises well workover operations.

At the Lutseyakhskoye field in the YaNAA, RMNTK Nefteotdacha provides integrated services, well development, geological and technological support during well construction.

One of the areas of research work of RMNTK is to conduct a set of thermodynamic studies of steam injection wells and control the development of deposits developed using thermal methods.

Also the scope of the company’s activities includes: hydrodynamic study of prospecting and exploration wells in the process of drilling, pilot work on new methods in enhanced oil recovery, services for supervisory control and supervision during drilling, development and workover of wells.